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When will a transsexual get her first gold medal?

I find this headline a bit strange: IOC Gives Go-Ahead for Transsexuals to Compete in Olympics. Date check: this is May 17, not April 1. Even Renee Richards, the notable transsexual of my era, was taken aback by the IOC decision.

One of the best known cases of transsexuals in sports involves Renee Richards, formerly Richard Raskind, who played on the women's tennis tour in the 1970s.

...Richards, now a New York opthamologist, was surprised by the IOC decision and was against it. She said decisions on transsexuals should be made on an individual basis.

"Basically, I think they're making a wrong judgment here, although I would have loved to have that judgment made in my case in 1976," she said.

"They're probably looking for trouble down the line. There may be a true transsexual -- not someone who's nuts and wants to make money -- who will be a very good champion player, and it will be a young person, let's say a Jimmy Connors or a Tiger Woods, and then they'll have an unequal playing field.

Perhaps they are not worried about a transsexual Olympian, as there are few transsexuals who are competitive in sports. The linked article in the Washington Post mentions a transsexual golfer who participated in a professional tournament in March. Could she have been motivated by money? Not likely, in my opinion, but I wouldn't switch for any conceivable price. And some folks do strange things for fame and fortune - just surf by one of those "reality TV" shows for evidence of that.