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Will Sacramento's Arena Negotiations Turn Out Different?

On, David Aldridge posts an interesting statement on arena development plans from Sacramento mayor and former NBA star Kevin Johnson.  Although it contains the usual jobs-related, "transformational"  hype, KJ's argument is well-rooted in facts, and exhibits no small degree of negotiating savvy.  I recommend you read it.  And if his reference to the "Rules of the Game" -- regarding how the city will approach the arena negotiations -- intrigues you, here's a link to a succinct statement of them.  "The rules" does make a misguided reference to an arena as "an engine of economic development," when the primary feasible objective should be to build a fiscally responsible center for entertainment of Sacramento's citizens.  But explicit reference to "The Taxpayer Comes First" (at the top of the list) and "The City Will Not Be Used As Leverage" for what KJ refers to as a stalking horse in Aldrige's post, strike me as an indicator that the mayor's administration is proceeding with at least one eye firmly on fiscal sanity.  A deadline of March 2012 for the deal suggests things will be heating up in the next few months, so stay tuned.