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Winning by the numbers

Hal Bodley on the Red Sox' Theo Epstein:

Exorcising the Curse of the Bambino is the Red Sox mission, but a subplot is the performance of Epstein, whose innovative approach to baseball will be on display as this Series evolves.

Oakland's Billy Beane is the high priest of this approach. In addition to Epstein, disciples include Toronto's J.P. Ricciardi and Paul DePodesta of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

What Epstein has done should certainly silence critics. Especially after the Red Sox took a two games to none lead in the Series on Sunday, thrashing St. Louis 6-2 for their sixth consecutive postseason victory.

Epstein, at 30 the youngest GM ever in the bigs, is a Yale grad. He and DePodesta, 31, from Harvard, have brought an Ivy League presence to a fraternity of grass-roots baseball lifers who didn't know a spreadsheet from a bedsheet.

The Sox have been trading at 80 cents today on Tradesports, so the Curse is pretty well done and dusted, but there's still plenty of ball to be played.