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Yanks in the EPL

Tom Hicks, owner of the Texas Rangers, and fellow American George Gillett have completed their anticipated purchase of Liverpool Football Club. No doubt the English papers will go through another round of hand wringing over foreign ownership of their historic clubs. See this tally in the Telegraph, which indicates that seven teams in the English Premier League (including Liverpool) are now foreign owned.

Liverpool marks the third purchase of an English club by American sportsmen since 2005. It began with the Glazers' (owners of the NFL's Tampa Bay Bucs) takeover of Manchester United, and continued with Randy Lerner's (owner of the Cleveland Browns) acquisition of Aston Villa. Villa aside, the thought of Man Utd and Liverpool in American hands is incredible. Wow!

But what strikes me is the following irony. The conventional wisdom is that soccer will never catch on in the U.S. I've challenged that view once or twice, without much effect. But while the CW and assorted media parrots keep saying No! to soccer in the U.S., American capitalists (including MLS' Phil Anschutz) are saying Yes! to the beautiful game.

Memo to CW adherents: the capitalists have been known to be ahead of popular opinion from time to time.