6 Popular Types of Poker Games

Poker is a type of card game that corresponds to a combination of gambling, strategy, and skillset.

Betting is an intrinsic part of poker. The winner of each hand is the individual with the precise combinations of the cards of the players which may or may not be hidden until the end of the hand.

These Poker games are of distinct types subject to the betting procedures, the number of cards dealt, the number of shared cards (also known as “community” cards) and the number of cards that remain hidden until the end of a hand.

What are the standard terms used in Poker Games?

  • Ante – It is the minimum money you must bet to play single hand of a game.
  • Blinds – It is the chips bought for cash put on the table before the dealing of the cards.
  • Call – It is slang to indicate that player’s willingness to match the raised amount when a new wager has been placed,
  • Check – If no call is made, the players may “check.”
  • Raise – If the player wishes to increase the table bet, the player calls for a “raise.”

What are the Popular Poker Games?

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There was a time when poker just meant a game of five-cards that was played with your grandparents, using candy instead of chips. But now the game has evolved over the years, as many online poker sites and mobile apps now offer all kinds of variation, from the simplest ones to the complicated ones. Here is a listing of the most popular poker games worldwide.

  • Texas Hold ’em

Texas Hold ’em is the most accessible games that take five minutes to learn and a lifetime to master This game is just simple enough where each player gets two hole cards with distributed face-down cards and uses those – along with five face-up ‘community’ cards available to everyone in hand. Flop is the first three community cards, and then the fourth is called the turn and the fifth the river. Players have to bet  (while keeping their cool) before the flop then turn the river and when the river is dealt the winner is known. The winning player is an individual with the best five cards in hand after the final round including the usage of one or two of their hole cards and three or four community cards.

  • Omaha

Omaha is altogether different from the Texas Hold ’em, here you get four cards instead of two in Texas Hold ’em, but here you have to use precisely two of those four along with three of the community cards. It contains the same betting rounds as in Texas Hold ’em, but the best starting hands in Texas Hold ’em – such as pocket kings or pocket aces – are not so strong as the favourite in Omaha.

  • Seven-card Stud

Seven-card stud is the popular game in America in the early 21st-century, seven-card stud was actually a more popular game than Texas Hold’Em at that time. Here each hand starts with players dealing with two cards, face-down and one face-up, and then the betting begins with the individual who has the lowest number of face-up cards. There is a round of bet after every card is dealt with. The fourth, fifth, and sixth card are dealt face up and the seventh face-down. As was the case with Texas Hold ’em, the aim to end with the best five-card hand, but herewith this seven-card stud there are no community cards dealt. 

  • Five-card Draw

Five-card draw is also one of the simplest versions of poker, often played for fun, unlike the other competitive environment. Here each player gets four cards, and there are four cards with four betting rounds with a flop, turn and river arch. Players have the opportunity to draw cards from the deck, by putting one or more cards at the bottom of the deck and then replacing them with the same number from the top. The players have to bet before and after the draw, ultimately the best five-card hand as the winner.

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