A Country-wide Exaggeration

Frequent readers of TSE know that we commonly criticize the economic impact statements made by sports boosters or their hired guns. These reports frequently overstate things like employment, income, tourism, and tax revenues that are gained as a result of large sporting events.

The Sports Business Group at Deloitte, however, has set a new standard in creative accounting. Their analysis of the projected impact of the Rugby World Cup notes that the 2007 edition was broadcast in 238 countries around the world. Considering that the United Nations only recognizes 192 nations, and even FIFA, which allows non-independent territories such as Puerto Rico and the Faroe Islands to compete for the World Cup, only has 202 members.

Apparantly, Deloitte has managed to invent about 40 countries. All of which, of course, happen to be big fans of Rugby.

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2 thoughts on “A Country-wide Exaggeration”

  1. Peter is exactly right. Of course , a bunch of distinctly non-national domains such as Guam and Christmas Island receive national domain suffixes. And let’s not even mention the “country” of “United States Minor Outlying Islands”.

    Apparently, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority uses the same imaginative world atlas used by Deloitte.

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