The Sports Economist is produced by a group of scholars who apply economic thinking to sports.  TSE provides commentary and links to issues in the news, along with an occasional essay.

Sports provide an entertaining and unique canvas for illustrating economic forces at work. We try and lend an assist to that at TSE.  The material is written for students, scholars, and fans who want to think about economics and sports.

The site was founded by Clemson Professor Raymond Sauer, aka Skip, in February 2004. TSE became a multi-author blog in January 2005.

Contributors to The Sports Economist include (see disclaimer below):

Dennis Coates, Professor of Economics, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Brian Goff, Distinguished University Professor of Economics, Western Kentucky University
Brad Humphreys, Professor of Economics, University of Alberta
Liam Lenten, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, Latrobe University
Robert Macdonald, Senior Fellow, Sports Law Program, University of Melbourne
Victor Matheson, Associate Professor of Economics, College of the Holy Cross
Phil Miller, Associate Professor of Economics, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Raymond Sauer, Professor of Economics, Clemson University

Disclaimer: The views offered by the writers of each post are theirs and theirs alone. Writers do not speak on behalf their institutions, nor on behalf of The Sports Economist as an entity.