Avoid a sports injury and stay in the game with these safety tips

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Avoid A Sports Injury And Stay In The Game With These Safety Tips 4

When it comes to sports, it’s easy for passion to turn into overzealous behavior. Whether it’s the roar of the crowd, the possibility of beating your personal best, or a tense atmosphere between two teams with a record of hostility, it’s easy to see why sports and injuries often go hand in hand. 

However, as an athlete that doesn’t mean you should just accept the fact that these things happen, if someone injures you whilst out on the field or during a match and they’ve left you seriously hurt then you shouldn’t put it down to a bad game. If you’re facing time off work and rising medical bills then speak with a personal injury lawyer from Philadelphia as soon as possible to discuss what happened.

They say that prevention is better than cure, so in the meantime check out these ways you can avoid a sports injury and stay in the game! 

Always warm-up

Participating in sports whilst cold is incredibly dangerous. You’re more likely to pull a muscle or sustain an injury. Not only does a warm-up protect you from potentially straining yourself, but the warming of the joints and ligaments prepares your body for exercise and movement, improving mobility and your performance from the moment you step out onto the field. 

Warming up for approximately ten minutes at a regular pace should be enough to get your heart rate up and leave your joints feeling loose and warm.

Wear the correct sports gear and safety equipment

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Avoid A Sports Injury And Stay In The Game With These Safety Tips 5

Helmets, gloves, face protection, mouth guards, eyewear, pads, straps and guards…depending on the type of sport you’re participating in, you should be wearing the correct sports gear and safety equipment. 

Investing in good footwear can also protect your ankles and feet from injuries and wearing a well-fitted sports bra will also improve your posture and reduce the likelihood of a back injury. If your chosen sport requires safety gear and equipment, never play without it. 

Focus and work on your technique

Even the highest-paid athletes who are at the top of their game continue to work on their technique and focus on making improvements. Not only does this mean they’ll get the best results, but it also helps them avoid injuries. 

For example, if you’re a weightlifter, getting your lifting technique right whilst moving lighter weights is a much better approach than lifting something too heavy, incorrectly. If you have a coach, listen to their advice. Or consider filming yourself and watching it back to see where you can make improvements.

And finally, consider sports massage therapy

Pushing your body and placing strain on your muscles and tendons can take its toll physically. Consider reaching out to a sports massage therapist to help stimulate the recovery process after your sessions. 

Not only can a sports massage therapist provide you with specifically tailored treatments, but they’ll also give you plenty of information on how to look after your body and they can even help diagnose sports injuries and other issues. 

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