“Blogometrics” – Ranking the Econ Blogs

A little shameless self-promotion here. Franklin Mixon and Kamal Upadhyaya have ranked economics blogs in this Easter Economic Journal article entitled “Blogometrics.” The abstract:

This study gathers information on a wide array of economics bloggers and blogs in order to develop a ranking of economics bloggers that is based on citations to their academic research. This ranking is used in an iterative process that next presents a ranking of economics blogs that is based on the ranking of economics bloggers, and finally a ranking of economics departments that is based on the ranking of economics blogs. The ranking of blogs included in this study is positively correlated with an external ranking based on their productivity (popularity), whereas the department ranking presented here comports quite well with department rankings in Coupé (2003) and Roessler (2004) that are developed with more traditional measures, such as the impact of the scholarship of an economics department’s faculty.

The Sports Economist ranks #21 out of 40 economics blogs. You might remember that TSE was named an honorable mention econ blog in a list of top 25 econ blogs by The Wall Street Journal this past year.

Congrats and beers to all my co-bloggers here at TSE.

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