antitrust NFL

Sports Economists Weigh in on American Needle v. NFL

Earlier this week I described the American Needle v. NFL case that will soon be argued before the Supreme Court.

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NFL rules strategy

The First Two Data Points Say “…mmm, I’m Not Sure Yet”

The new NFL overtime rule, see page 111 (introduced last season for playoff games only) finally became binding in the current playoff series two

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Competitive Balance NFL

NFL Even MORE Competitively Balanced (Yet Again)

Further to an earlier post one year ago to the day, the same result occurred upon conclusion of the 2011 NFL season as

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Gambling NFL

Black Sunday in Vegas

Yahoo Sports columnist Dan Wetzel had an interesting column yesterday about the beating that Vegas sports books are taking on

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Brett Favre marginal revenue product NFL

Is Brett Favre Worth $25 million over 2 Years?

If you live in a hole or do not follow American sports whatsoever, then you may have missed the big

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antitrust NFL

American Needle Decision 9-0

The Supreme Court ruled on the American Needle Case yesterday.  In a unanimous 9-0 decision, the court ruled that, when

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NFL technology

Option in NFL: Zvi Griliches One More Time

In everyday usage “technological change” often references changes to machinery of some sort.  Among economists, the term refers to changes

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NFL Super Bowl

Why Has Regular Season Become Less Predictive of NFL Playoff Success?

Historically, regular season point differentials predicted the likelihood of reaching the Super Bowl very well.   In 2010, Green Bay may

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NFL PSL ticket pricing


They played in Charlotte, and now it’s time to see if they’ll play in the Big Apple. Personal Seat Licenses

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crime NFL

A Dadgummed Good Donut

From Joe Walljasper of the Columbia Daily Tribune: I have never heard of the maple bar, but I can only

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NFL The Stadium Game

A New Stadium and a Bargaining Chip for the NFL?

Edward Roski Jr. has unveiled plans to build a new stadium in the Los Angeles metro area to entice a

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collective bargaining NFL salaries

NFL Uncapped Year

The NFLPA and the NFL are negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement. As you may know, the NFL decided that

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