Chiefs ask for more state money

State budgets are under pressure everywhere, yet NFL teams still want more handouts. And politicians listen. Here is a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article on what the Chiefs want from the state.

What do the Chiefs want?

The professional football team’s owners are seeking the new subsidy to upgrade Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City and finance an indoor training arena in St. Joseph.

What will the state get for this money?

In return, the Chiefs would move their summer training camp from Wisconsin to the new arena on the Missouri Western State University campus.


Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is championing the plan. Because of the tourism it could generate (italics added), “he thinks it’s an exciting opportunity for Kansas City, for St. Joseph and the entire state,” spokesman Gary McElyea said.

I don’t know about you all, but I can’t wait to book my trip to St. Joseph, Missouri to see the Chiefs’ new training facility.

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