Counterfeit Tickets a Problem at Missouri

As someone who supports legal ticket scalping, I find this disappointing but not surprising.

Following the football game against Georgia last weekend, University of Missouri Police Department officers received several reports of fraudulent tickets. When compared side-by-side, the fake tickets are nearly identical to real tickets, MUPD Captain Brian Weimer said.

To ensure that individuals have purchased a real ticket, Weimer recommends that people only buy through the Mizzou ticket office or online through Weimer suggests avoiding online auction sites or buying tickets from strangers.

“These fake tickets look as real as any produced by Mizzou,” Weimer said. “The fake tickets even had the correct disclaimers on the back sides. It’s also possible that the individual selling the ticket does not know it is fake. He or she might have bought the fake ticket and is trying to turn it around for a quick profit along with legitimate tickets. Unfortunately, the victim might not realize it’s a fake ticket until it’s scanned for entry into the game.”

At the Georgia game, ticket scanners recorded more than 400 “missed scans,” which could indicate fraudulent tickets.

This is the first time I can remember that happening down in Columbia.   But given that the move to the SEC has made football tickets a hot commodity and the improvement in technology which makes counterfeiting tickets even easier, it doesn’t surprise me that it happened.

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  1. I saw some people at the game trying to get in with fake tickets. I could tell, because they were printed using last year’s for the people in front of me. The thing is, they just moved from one gate to the next and were let in…

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