Cubs May Scalp Own Tickets: Court Ruling

To add to John’s excellent post on ticket scalping and its following (also excellent) discussion, I link to this Chicago Sun-Times article on a ticket brokerage set up by Cubs’ officials:

The Chicago Cubs did not violate state ticket-scalping laws and did nothing to deceive their fans in setting up a brokerage firm to sell some of the team’s tickets, the Appellate Court ruled Friday.

The ruling supports a lower-court decision issued in 2003 and was so convincing it is likely to bring an end to a challenge started in 2002 by two longtime Cubs fans.

Of course, the final arbiters will be the fans. If they don’t find value in this operation, they won’t do business with it… and if they think they are somehow getting deceived, that would hurt the Tribune’s Cubs operation in other places besides the brokerage. That’s the discipline that comes with operating in the market place, and my guess is that Tribune officials aren’t out to screw those who want to attend Cubs’ games.

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