Detroit Gets Icy Reception

With the NFL’s first cold-weather Super Bowl in 14 years, and only the third one in the event’s 40-year run, just three weeks away, many of the firms that arrange Super Bowl hospitality trips report that clients are not as eager to go this year.

The tepid response is largely due to the expected cold weather, with the average high termperature in February in Detroit at 36 degrees. That combined with the city’s lackluster reputation, have led some clients to depart for other locales such as Vegas and the Caribbean for viewing parties, or simply taking a pass and booking early for the 2007 game in south Florida.

Well, so much for building a stadium to get a Super Bowl to promote the city!

That’s from the latest issue of the Sports Business Journal. The article starts out by mentioning that Dan Marino and John Elway will be raising money for their charities during Super Bowl week – in Las Vegas. Ouch!

Technology allows people to watch games live all over the world and they can do so from more pleasant climes than the Motor City (you are now free to move about the country). Perhaps other politicians and citizens of other northern cities who have visions of Super Bowls dancing in their heads – if only they could get public funds for a new stadium – should pay heed.

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