Does Using Chopsticks Help One Become a Better Golfer?

From the Asiapundit:

Korean female golfers continue to excel in the Lady’s Professional Golf Association (LPGA). In fact out of the top 30 female professional golfers, 10 of them are Korean. You may be asking yourself, how is a small country like Korea able to dominate women’s professional golfing? What is the secret to their success? Is there some kind of advanced training regimine or some mystic Korean herbal tea that is giving them such an advantage? Well look no further, the Korea Times has leaked the ancient Korean secret to becoming a master golfer; the ability to use chopsticks

Asiapundit has some interesting quotes from several sources about the correct way to use chopsticks and the importance of Korean culture. But the conclusion is very telling:

For those not familiar with the Korean media, these type of articles are very common to reinforce Korean pride and sense of superiority, especially over the Japanese and the Chinese. Everything seems to revolve around kimchi, chopsticks, and Dokto.

My only question is how did Annika Sorenstam become so dominant without kimchi, chopsticks, and Dokto? [emphasis added]

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