Does Your Sports Massage Business Need Financial Protection?

One of the main reasons people decide to work in the sports massage field is their desire to make a living while helping others. It’s unfortunate that the coronavirus has disrupted our plans. Especially in a field like this where we can not do our jobs like we used to do.

Sports massage is a valuable part of the recovery process for those that are physically active and plays a key role in injury rehabilitation. However, it is important to protect your business as mishaps can occur which can place you at risk of being sued or incurring hefty costs. Let alone, your business being halted because of a pandemic.

What Kinds of Risks Can My Sports Massage Business Face?

The reasons for financial protection are not confined to issues that can arise with your clients. Injured or dissatisfied employees and property damage can put a strain on your finances if there is an unforeseen matter that puts your business’s livelihood in a tailspin.When considering financial protection for your massage business, you need access to the best massage insurance information. Find a provider that specializes in massage businesses and select the best coverage for your needs and your budget. Here are 4 scenarios that can occur which may require you to have financial protection.

1. Your Massage Aggravates a Client’s Injury

Making a client’s injury worse may be grounds for a lawsuit. No massage therapist willfully tries to injure a customer, but you are dealing with sensitive tissue and a current or pre-existing injury may flare up when you place more pressure on an area than is necessary or warranted. Make sure you have a suitable insurance policy that covers you.

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2. Rental Damage Insurance

Owning a sports massage business doesn’t mean that you are also the owner of the building in which you are operating. If damage were to occur to the building that houses your business, the costs can get out of hand. A comprehensive sports massage business insurance package should cover rental damage in addition to your business’s modalities.

3. Theft or Damages

Although not necessarily resulting from your work, financial protection is necessary for things that can happen that are beyond your control. If a break-in were to occur and equipment was stolen or vandalized, you need to have the confidence that you can replace it promptly so that your bottom line does not suffer.

4. Employee Injury

Massage therapy is a physically demanding occupation. Not only do you need to build strength and endurance in your hands, arms and core in order to apply the necessary pressure, but you are also placed in biomechanically compromising positions when leaning over a client and pivoting around the table. If an employee doesn’t take the proper care to keep their back aligned, they could end up sustaining an injury. Lower back pain is not something your employee will be able to work through and may need rehabilitation, medication and time off. Your business needs to have the means to cover such eventualities so that they do not damage your business’s finances.

Whether your insurance plan covers you during a pandemic is another story. It’s one thing to look out for when shopping for any new plans.

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