Economic Impact of the 10th Annual Redneck Games

From and the Associated Press [with thanks to cmt]:

Bobbing for pig feet, the mudpit belly-flop, the armpit serenade — they’re all part of the Redneck Games, a series of good ole’ympic events for the ain’t-so-athletic celebrating their 10th year in middle Georgia….There’s also hubcap hurling — think junkyard discus — and redneck horseshoes, played with toilet seats.

… Organizers estimate 95,000 attended the July event during its first decade in East Dublin, a rural pit stop of 2,500 residents between Macon and Savannah.

What do you suppose the economic impact would be from holding these games in the community? I would guess that the games bring in quite a few tourism dollars and have a small diversion effect from other spending in the community, so the local multiplier could be substantial; but I would want to know more before hazarding a guess about its size.

Willie Paulk, president of the Laurens County Chamber of Commerce, said no economic impact studies have been done on the Redneck Games, though she says it’s the third-largest public event in the county, behind the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in neighboring Dublin and the Possum Hollow arts and crafts festival in nearby Dexter.

“While we appreciate the novelty of the Redneck Games, I don’t think it should be looked at as the sole determinant in labeling a county,” Paulk said. “So far it hasn’t stopped our industries from locating here, which is wonderful.”

I may consider applying for a grant to study the economic impact of these games on the economy of the local community. Anyone wish to co-author the study? Rest assured, it isn’t opera.

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