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Economic impact

Darren Rovell at reports some stats on the LeBron effect:

Aside from the projected $12 million gross revenue bump in ticket sales, James' presence this year was worth at least an additional $18 million more in other revenues, estimates sports business analyst Hadrian Shaw, author of "Shaw's Pro Basketball Blue Book."

...Radio listenership more than doubled, local television ratings increased by 300 percent and, thanks to James' best-selling jersey, the Cavaliers ranked fourth overall in the league in apparel sales, according to the NBA. Approximately $72 million dollars worth -- or 1.6 million jerseys -- featuring James' name and No. 23 have been sold since they first went on sale on June 26, according to Neil Schwartz, director of marketing for SportsScanINFO, a sports retail tracking firm.

...The economic impact of James is hard to miss. Enough James jerseys have been sold to outfit 76 capacity crowds at Gund Arena or 55 percent of the greater Cleveland area.