Everything you need to know about tennis betting: tips and more

In Europe, tennis is hitting all-time high records in regard to viewership and fan bases, a fact that drives impressive growth in betting on the particular sport. The sports’ popularity in Europe is confirmed by the records of people’s millions of searches on the internet – Bulgaria ranks first in users’ searches for the sport, France and the UK hold the largest share of the total searches, while Austria ranks third! This kind of rising popularity does not go unnoticed by sportsbooks. Almost all betting sites in Austria, for example, configure and develop a strong tennis betting market with several different types of bets, many different opportunities for users, and a vast array of alternative lines.

There are millions of people around the world that play tennis at the amateur level and billions of people who are fans of the sport and watch closely every major tournament and competition happening in every part of the globe. Tennis’ popularity is rising as the sport becomes the object of engagement and interaction not only for professional players, but for recreational players, viewers, and of course bettors.

With tennis becoming more and more popular, we have more and more people developing a strong interest in tennis betting. So, here we will see some important tips and strategies for beginners and inexperienced-in-this-sport punters.

The main betting markets in tennis

While tennis is as straightforward as one can guess when it comes to the outcome – who will win the tennis match – it is very interesting that there are several different betting markets. And this is one thing that contributes to its popularity.

When you decide to bet on tennis, you have several different options to go with:

Match winner (moneyline): predicting who will win a particular match.

Handicap bets: bets that level the differences between players and so they even out the disparities caused from being a favorite or an underdog.

Over/Under: betting on over or under a certain number of games that will be played.

Outright bets: this is a future bet, a bet on the final winner of an entire competition, such as the final winner of the US Open for example.

Prop bets: various different proposition bets that make tennis betting more interesting and more engaging. You can find bets on a number of events- whether or not they will occur during a match. You can bet on who will win the first set, who will win a streak of sets, who will serve first, how long will a match last and many many more markets, which spice things up in tennis betting.

And then, there is of course Live betting, which is gaining more ground lately with the internet and live streaming.

The main things to consider in tennis betting 

Tennis betting is really fun and entertaining and it is the absolute way to get engaged with the sport you love. However, tennis betting can be risky as well and you may lose lots of money, if you don’t follow some simple, yet very crucial tips.

  1. Make data-driven betting decisions

What does it mean to make data-driven betting decisions? Well, it means that you should bet when you have an edge and edge comes from gathering and analyzing data and paying attention to details.

A tennis match will play on the basis of players’ motivation, abilities and skills, determination and psychology and on the basis of context-related factors such as the crowd, the weather conditions, the surface or the tournament itself – whether we are talking about a large-scale, prestigious tournament like the Wimbledon or the Roland Garros, or a smaller tournament which admittedly can’t attract global attention.

All these factors need to be considered in tennis betting and each of these has its own weighted contribution to the outcome of a match. So, do your analysis after selecting as much data as possible.

  1. Don’t just bet on favorites, consider underdogs too

Statistics reveal that favorites in large tournament matches get to win in nearly 68% of cases. This is really big, since we are talking about almost 7 out of 10 favorites eventually winning the match against their opponents. But favorites come with much lower odds, which often subtract value from the bet, especially as there can be no guarantee that the favorite will absolutely win.

Performing a thorough analysis may give you an edge over an underdog and this is when you should seriously consider betting on the players who are not correctly or appropriately estimated by the bookies.


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