Flying High: How To Live A Luxurious Lifestyle

Living a luxurious lifestyle from private islands to luxury travel is the sort of luxury lifestyle that isn’t so difficult to come by after all. Check out our top tips and no-stress life hacks to see how to live a luxurious lifestyle. We will get you to where you want to be and fast!

Buy Your Fancy Private Island In A Less Popular Destination

A high lifestyle with your own private island isn’t as mad as it sounds. For the price of a parking space in London, you can’t buy a private island in Santorini. But a private island in Sweden or Ireland and even the Bahamas. Okay, buying the island isn’t the only cost, but it’s still cheaper than most houses in large cities in the UK, especially London. There are more than enough tips for blowing off some steam in the UK.

If buying a private island isn’t for you, you can rent one. Shared ownership is popular in Fiji, where you can buy a lease or share the lease with the freeholder of the island. You don’t own the island outright, but you get to live there. This sort of ownership makes residency in Fiji possible when otherwise it might not be possible.

Specialized legal advice from a local attorney is always our recommendation when buying or renting any property anywhere in the world.

Living a Luxurious Yachting Lifestyle

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Take to the high seas on a yacht. Join the yachting fraternity for a relatively small amount of money. A company like Airbnb has been set up to give you a chance to stay on board a luxury yacht complete with superstar treatment and the high life style.

This is a luxurious lifestyle image that most could only dream of with hundreds of possibilities worldwide. The principle is the same as Airbnb, you register your interest, and the owner can accept your offer or not. The only drawback is the yachts are moored in the harbor and don’t move. So it’s all a luxury experience without the seasickness. It’s a win, win.

Jetting About In A Private Plane

You could book a charter for a specific trip; purchase partial ownership in a jet, or buy a private flight club membership. The fancy lifestyle is not as ridiculous as it sounds.

A private flight club membership enables short-notice booking for domestic or international flights on a range of jets at fixed hourly rates. Any of these options provides the custom-craft experience without the management hassle and associated costs of owning a plane.

It pays to shop around. Many companies offer charter flights, joint jet ownership, and private flight club memberships. Just remember, the more there are of you, the cheaper the flight, and the more flexible you are, the better the deal.

Luxury Hotel Packages In High End Destinations

With the number of holiday destinations cutting their prices in light of the fall in seasonal sales luxury, it doesn’t need to be expensive. Sign up to sites like Voyage Prive, Secret Escapes, or the Top Secret section on to find deals that help your fancy lifestyle. Voyage Privé is the best members-only luxury travel club offering fancy vacations.

The deal is to say what continent you want to visit and even which country. But, apart from that, you don’t get to choose where you go, or where you stay. But at 70% off the total price, it promises to be great. Who doesn’t like surprises?

Luxurious Supercars and Sports Cars

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Like private jet clubs, there are membership clubs that work on a points system and allow you to drive a supercar. For example, a Range Rover Vogue Black Edition or a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta for 1000 points which equals a longer-term rent of 40/50 days – memberships can be shared between groups, and the top tire is $1,125.00 per month plus a joining fee of $1,600.00.

This sounds a lot, but everything is included; insurance, asset finance, tire wear, and depreciation, along with servicing and valeting. You get in and drive.

The same goes for hiring a luxury vehicle: the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster starts at an acceptable $350.00 a day.

Rent Fancy Luxury Brand Clothing

It’s all very well arriving at your destination on a private jet and pulling up to the party’s door in a supercar if you have nothing to wear.

Consider dress rental. Not only is it a more economical option, but it is also a sustainable solution – which right now couldn’t be more fashionable.

How it works: pick your dress, select the duration of the hire, you can choose between four and twelve days, select the date you would like it to arrive on your doorstep: in some cases, that can be the same day. Your outfit arrives professionally cleaned and ready to party.

You, as the renter, pay for the dry cleaning of the dress or outfit. When you have finished, you call the hiring company, and they send a courier to collect the outfit.

For as little as $60.00 per day, you can hire the latest Dior or Balenciaga gown, along with fancy shoes and a bag.

Carrie Bradshaw, a la Sex in the City, will have nothing on you. Who said you couldn’t have a luxury lifestyle for less.

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