“Frustration and Temptation.” A Q&A with Mizzou AD Mike Alden

This morning’s Columbia Daily Tribune has a very interesting interview between the Trib’s Joe Walljasper and University of Missouri athletic director Mike Alden. Mr. Alden discusses in detail many of the issues surrounding the Big 10’s public announcement that it will consider expansion and the fact that Mizzou is frequently mentioned as a potential new member.

Read the whole thing, but one thing that caught my eye was this passage a little over halfway down in which Alden discusses the club theory I blogged about on Tuesday (here).

Q: You mentioned the difference of $12 million in TV football revenue between Missouri and Illinois. That’s $12 million you wouldn’t have to work the phones to get. Wouldn’t that have to play a role in the decision?

A: It would be for anyone. When the Big Ten takes a look at expanding, they have to look at: You’re splitting it 11 ways now, and you’re going to have to split it 12 ways. What’s the value that people are bringing to the table revenue-wise, household-wise, competitive-wise — all of this athletically — but also academically, what are you doing as far as similarities with our institutions? … If I’m one of their institutions, I want to make sure if I’m getting $21 million now, I continue to get $21 million.