Games to Play on the Weekend

The gaming industry is ready to offer players a large number of projects and mechanics that will help them relax after a hard work week, have fun and try unique formats that can immerse you in a new gaming experience.

These are simulation games, grinds and similar formats of recreation and leisure, which are not tied to time and frequent online and can be played at any free time.

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Diablo 4

When it comes to dark fantasy and grinding in a dark and dangerous world, where the main task is to survive and fight demons and other monsters by completing quests, completing acts and doing diablo 4 boost until you accumulate a large supply of equipment and weapons, which are enough to finish the current difficulty level and move on to the next one.

Diablo 4 is about constant grinding, and those who like to beat thousands of enemies will find the gameplay comfortable here.

D4 boosting will not be the final goal, but a way to unlock stronger skills and mechanics and make the grind more vibrant and interesting.

Each new difficulty will restart the game with stronger and stronger monsters and bosses, which will significantly complicate your task, but will also provide a more interesting grind.

The damage to enemies will be less, and to you more, which will constantly keep you in the race for high-quality equipment and weapons of the legendary or holy level.

You can go to clear dungeons, attack and destroy entire locations, find and kill bosses that are associated with acts many times in order to receive D4 leveling and a chance to drop valuable items, which depends on your likelihood of finding a magic item.

In addition to dungeons, you will be able to search for altars and storm fortresses – this is a new mechanic that allows you to increase fame points and attack garrisons to gain additional experience and equipment, as well as passive bonuses that depend on the type of fortress itself.

The most interesting and correct gameplay will begin at the Hell difficulty level, when opponents will have a large number of immunities to various attacks, and you will have to combine your skill leveling and redistribute points so as not to lose your effectiveness.

Fortunately, in Diablo 4 boosting, you can reset the distribution of skills, and not leave them forever, as was the case in previous parts, and if you didn’t get the build right, then you had to start all over again.

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Gas station owner simulator

In the 2000s, the tycoon genre was popular in the gaming industry – these are economic strategies that allowed you to try out different business formats and manage its development, trying to attract new clients and invest the money you earned correctly so as not to go bankrupt.

The gaming industry has changed a lot over the years, and simulator formats, which come in different forms, have become increasingly popular.

The first format is full-fledged simulators that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the profession that interests you. For example, a truck driver, a pilot, or a train driver, and so on.

The second format is a new format of the tycoon genre, which allows you not to observe the business from above, but to fully do it yourself and take direct part in the work.

For example, a gas station business simulator – you will find yourself in a desert with a single road and rare cars in order to open a gas station in that place, or rather a backwater that first needs to be cleared and prepared for work.

You will remove piles of sand, throw away tons of garbage before you just get to the main building and gas stations.

Then you need to manually paint buildings, fill warehouses with goods to sell in your store, open car repairs and deal with gas stations.

In the future, you will be able to hire workers and automate the entire gameplay.

Of course, not everything will go smoothly, and you need to respond to sandstorms, a hooligan boy, the arrival of a bus full of partygoers and other interesting tasks that will require your intervention.

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Call of Duty series

If you want to play full-fledged military shooters over the weekend, which rely on dynamics and colorful pictures and action, and not on full-fledged realism, which is inherent in military simulators.

Call of Duty is about visual cinema that conveys a lot of action, but instead of famous actors, you get the main role.

You can choose the gameplay format and theater of operations, choosing the times of the Second World War, or a modern fictional conflict involving large countries – the US Army and Russia, when the conflict is provoked by terrorists, and you will repel the attack of enemies, playing either as an American Ranger or as an SAS operative.

Large-scale battles await you with the participation of armored vehicles and aircraft, a large number of infantry and battles for each major city – Washington and New York, to push enemies away from their borders and transfer the conflict to European territory, fighting for Berlin and Paris and push enemies back to their homelands land.

As for the Second World War, you will be able to feel the influence of each of the three fronts in literally every version, playing as soldiers of the USA, Britain and the Soviet Union in large and famous operations and battles with large numbers of troops, or in secret and covert operations with blowing up bridges and communications, destroying command personnel, or simply acting behind enemy lines without numerical superiority.

The World at War version will be unique, since it will allow you to fight on the Pacific front, and there are not so many projects that allow such mechanics – Medal of Honor Pacific is the only analogue.

You will fight for large islands around the Philippines and near Japan in order to force the imperial army to surrender – some of the fiercest fighting of the entire Second World War took place on the islands, and the networks of underground tunnels that Japanese troops dug in huge quantities added to the difficulties.

You will play as the US Marines and the USSR Army in the battles for Stalingrad and the assault on the heights near Berlin and the assault on the capital of the German Reich itself in order to establish moisture and end the war in Europe.


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