Hosting A Golfing Event? Use These Social Media Promo Ideas

If you’re hosting a golfing event, you’ll want to use social media to promote it. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the thought of social media because there are so many different platforms to consider. The goal is to optimize exposure and boost engagement to generate enthusiasm about your event. Check out the ideas below on how to make this happen using social media.

Develop Visuals From Prior Events

There are few things better than visuals from prior events when it comes to building excitement for future events. This is because people are able to imagine themselves experiencing what they’re seeing. It’s also a fantastic way to boost engagement, especially if you create a video highlight reel of what occurred at the last event. When developing a highlight reel, be sure to focus on the aspects of the last golf event that people really enjoyed. You can post the video on YouTube and link it to other social media platforms.

Share Testimonials

It’s always a good idea to solicit feedback at events. If you have gathered feedback or a testimonial from guests at other golf events, you can create branded images that are coordinated to match your other marketing materials. Any positive feedback that you have received from guests provides an opportunity to promote your next event on social media. For an even more powerful presentation, consider a video testimonial that you can use on Facebook or Twitter.

Promote Food Options

Everyone wants to know what type of food will be available at events. In fact, you can always generate excitement by highlighting the food options. For instance, the Palencia Club in St Augustine is a golf course with different dining rooms and cuisine options. Showcasing the types of foods available on social media is a great way to generate enthusiasm. You can even post images of the best cuisines at the Palencia Club on Instagram.

Post Fun Photos

One of the easiest ways to use social media for the purpose of promoting a golf event is by regularly posting photos on different social platforms. Consistency is always important when it comes to boosting engagement. Just keep in mind that you want to take pictures that look like golfers and other participants are having fun. In fact, you can even share images taken by guests that have been shared on their social media pages.

Be Consistent with Hashtags

Hashtags are critical when promoting an event on social media. You’ll want to create a few hashtags and use them consistently across all social media platforms. It’s also important to use a hashtag that relates to your event and is searchable. Posting information on social media without a hashtag is a lost opportunity.

Make a Facebook Event Page

One of the first things that you should consider doing is creating a Facebook event page. This will give you a chance to provide all of the information about the event in one location that can be referenced and shared with others. When people decide that they’re going to the event, it will be easy for them to share details with others on social media when there’s an event page. Whether your golf event is for fundraising, networking or any other purpose, you can include details on the Facebook event page.

There are a lot of people interested in attending a golfing event that may have never attended one before. The key is getting the word out and social media is the best and most affordable way to get that done.


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