Why Can’t Cubs Fans Watch Scheduled Cubs Broadcasts on WGN?

How to find the correct WGN DirectTV channel to watch your favorite sport:

Back in January, Cubs fans were told this about the WGN DirectTV channel to watch baseball:

 “The Chicago Cubs and Tribune Broadcasting’s WGN-TV today announced a new 5-year agreement under which the local station will televise 45 games annually beginning with the 2015 season. This new agreement continues a broadcasting partnership that spans more than 60 years. Specific terms of the agreement were not released.”

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How Relevant is this WGN DirectTV Information?

That information was back in 2015 and at the time I would get WGN via DirecTV and was able to watch Cubs baseball games on WGN American DirectTV in the past when the Chicago Cubs games had been scheduled.  However, that’s not the case anymore.  And even in 2015 on the WGN channel they were showing a movie called “Out of Sight” even though the Chicago Cubs vs. Boston Red Sox game was scheduled to be on WGN DirectTV.

Luckily, I had the MLB.TV package and could watch the baseball game on my television MLB network channel.  Even at the time it was on and the WGNSports logo was on the baseball scorebox that was shown throughout the baseball game on WGN, but the game was not being shown on WGN on DirecTV at my location.

What channel is WGN on DirecTV in 2018?

Do any readers know a reason why I (a person who lives in Minnesota) could not receive the Chicago Cubs broadcasts on WGN via DirecTV in 2015.  Are they only shown locally on WGN DirectTV in Chicago?

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That was back in 2015. What is the situation today in 2018 regarding WGN on DirectTV showing sports? Please email The Sports Economist and we will update this blog post on how to watch sports on WGN with the most up-to-date information.

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4 thoughts on “Why Can’t Cubs Fans Watch Scheduled Cubs Broadcasts on WGN?”

  1. I just looked it up because I was curious also. The WGN channel you recieve on directv is WGN America and they converting there channel from a Chicago station to a superstation. WGN also has a local channel for the surrounding Chicago area. Which today’s game is broadcast on today.

  2. Yep, basically that’s what happened. “WGN America” (which is what you get on cable or satellite) is different from the actual WGN-TV broadcast in Chicago, and has been for several years now.

  3. There are two different WGN channels: WGN-TV and WGN-America. WGN-TV is the local TV network and is only broadcast locally. Direct TV broadcasts WGN-America, which is a cable/satellite channel. The Cubs are on WGN-TV but not WGN-America.

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