I Don’t Think Torii Likes the WBC

Count Minnesota Twin Torii Hunter among those that don’t like the World Baseball Classic.

“I don’t like it,” Hunter said. “I don’t see anything positive coming from that.”

Surrounded by reporters on his first day in spring camp, Hunter gave his reasons.

“Spring training is for getting in shape and getting to know your teammates and forming that chemistry,” he said. “Now you’re talking about three weeks of spring training they’re going to miss.

…”What’s the use of saying we’re better at baseball than this country?” Hunter said. “We all play together. I’m playing with Venezuelans and Dominicans right now. We all play together, so what’s up with saying our country is better than your country? It’s stupid. I don’t like it.”

Here’s the US roster and some information on what the WBC is all about.

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