If At First You Don’t Succeed, Maybe A Second Stadium Will Do the Trick

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune comes a real head scratcher:

The Minnesota Vikings and the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission announced today plans to study the possibility of building a new stadium for the Vikings that would include a retractable roof and be climate controlled.

The commission said it is seeking to hire an urban planning consultant that would be a local group to look at revitalizing the eastern part of downtown by the Metrodome.

Um, ex-squeeze me? A baking powder? Did that say they want to investigate the viability of invigorating the blighted area around a stadium, an area that was supposed to be invigorated by said first stadium, by building another stadium? Huh? Make the story a little more edgy and humorous, and it could go in The Onion.

HT to Jeff Owen who pointed out the article and the irony to me.

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