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Manti Teo and the MSSM (Mainstream Sports Media)

No doubt you've ran across the bizarre saga of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Teo and his fictional girlfriend.  If not, see here.

The fact that Deadspin broke this story and not one of the legacy sports media, like ESPN or Sports Illustrated, is also a bit bizarre to me.  With their legions of staff, why did it take so long for the story to come out and why at Deadspin?  No offense to the folks at Deadspin, but I expect more out of the major sports media.

The political analogy I thought of was the John Edwards story which the MSM declined to investigate and which was finally broken by The National Enquirer.  In that case the reason why the MSM did not poke around in Mr. Edward's business was political, but what explains the inaction of the MSSM in the Teo saga?