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NCAA Football Conference Realignment Update

Just a couple of items to keep you occupied while waiting for the US-Ghana WC match on Saturday:

  • Congress is officially taking an interest in the recent goings on.  Iowa senators Grassley and Harkin want the details on the Big 10 expansion.  All of 'em.  I'm not sure why they are interested in the price of the ticket so long after the train has left the station.  Maybe they are concerned about all of those future trips to the wood shed that Nebraska will put on the Hawkeyes?
  • BMOC and Pac-X commissioner Larry Scott, having expanded the conference enough to hold a football championship game, pontificates on the coming mega conferences.  Sort of...

I'm not smart enough or experienced enough in the college world to know how long it's going to take before the next wave of change," Scott said, "but if an idea is good enough, it's going to happen."

That's just great.  Scott is not smart enough to to know when mega expansion will happen, but he's dumb enough to try and precipitate it right now.