NFL collective bargaining

Could the NFL be a salary cap-free league in 2010? The NFL team owners or the NFL Players’ Association can unilaterally terminante the collective bargaining agreement before November 8.

In a March 31 press conference NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (go to the NFL website for some nice video shorts, or USA Today for a summary of some wider NFL issues) set the negotiating scene nicely by suggesting that the salary cap has been good for the NFL and NFL fans, that owners can’t buy a championship due to the complex dynamics of the sport of American football, and that owners can’t afford to buy a championship anyway (Street & Smith’s Sport Business Journal has evidently estimated that the NFL clubs are collectively $US 9 billion in debt).

Do you agree with Commissioner Goodell? Are the NFL’s fundamentals? The Commissioner also talked a little about some kind of possible bad hair day policy, so maybe he’s just posturing for future bargaining leverage and public support.

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