NFLPA: "Fantasy Sports Must Pay — On Two"

In a preemptive move, CBS has launched a court case, claiming pressure and a likely suit from the NFLPA regarding use of players’ names and statistics on fantasy sites. The Yahoo! summary states:

CBS seeks a court ruling saying that “the Players Association may not seek to control the use of player statistics in fantasy games and may not continue to extract money from CBS Interactive for the use of publicly available football statistics.”

In Fantasies & Externalities in June of ’08, I commented on the issue after the Supreme Court refused to review the 8th Circuit’s decision against the MLBPA in their attempt to force compesation on users of baseball statistics. Apparently, the NFLPA either thinks they have a different angle, or, maybe, they’re just going to keep their pads lower and feet moving. As my high school coach would say, it’s all a matter of leverage.

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