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North American Association of Sports Economists

The North American Association of Sports Economists has negotiated with the Journal of Sports Economics to get members of the Association cut rate subscriptions to the JSE. If anyone who regularly reads The Sports Economist is interested in NAASE or the JSE, you can learn more about both the association and the journal at the association website.

The reason for this post is to inform the readers of The Sports Economist blog that it is possible to join the association and get a very good deal on the journal. For $50 one gets a one year membership in NAASE AND an annual subscription to the Journal of Sports Economics. In comparison, an individual subscription to the JSE without going through NAASE is about $95 a year.

You can even pay online either using a paypal account or a credit card payment to paypal. Details of the process are at the NAASE website.

I apologize to anyone offended by the use of this blog to advertise the North American Association of Sports Economists. I hope the great cost savings on the Journal of Sports Economics makes up for it.

Revision: Here is the link directly to the membership page

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