Now That We’ve Committed to Staying…

let’s look for new revenue sources. The Red Sox owners**** have decided to stay in Fenway for the long haul (link via Greg at Sports Law Blog). Now that they’ve made that decision, they are looking for new revenue sources:

The Red Sox and Boston College have expressed an interest in bringing the Atlantic Coast Conference baseball tournament to Fenway Park, but according to a source in the BC athletic department, BC and Boston University are working on something more dramatic: college hockey at Fenway.

It’s been tried before… with pgood success.

Outdoor hockey would be nothing new to Michigan or Michigan State since the Central Collegiate Hockey Association rivals played before a record 74,554 fans Oct. 6, 2001, at Michigan State’s Spartan Stadium, finishing in a 3-3 tie.

The opportunity costs of committing to stay in Fenway and letting it sit empty during the offseason are just too high, so the are looking for ways to generate new funds. But don’t expect the Red Sox to spend their new-found cash on baseball players. Since they (the baseball players) don’t generate it, they won’t get it.

******According to the article on the decision to remain in Fenway, the Red Sox are going to try to get infrastructure subsidies from the public now that they won’t be getting any construction susbsidies.

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