Oscar Pistorius CAS decision

The fellows over at The Science of Sport have been quick to bring us a link to the CAS ruling in the case of ‘blade runner’ Oscar Pistorius, as well as some scientific commentary on the decision. The fellows over at the Sports Law Blog have also got up some early commentary on the legal approach to the matter.

How about the economic side of the matter?

Oscar Pistorius is yet to qualify for the olympics and good luck to him. But if he does, will this lead to fellow amputees crowding out the normally legged athlete?

One of the interesting conundrums posed by an anon blogger at the Sports Law Blog is that Pistorius has had an incentive to tank so as to underrepresent the ‘advantage’ gained by his spring blades; for the greater the revealed advantage, the less likely it would have been that CAS would rule in his favour. That’s a particularly odd way of looking at this, but this is a particularly odd matter all round.