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Chances are an average French person can tell you where to find your nearest pharmacie. In case that wasn’t good enough, you can find your 24/7 pharmacie anywhere in france through pharmacie de garde There are 23.000 pharmacies around France. Actually, many tourists would be amazed because of each one of those pharmacies which use to be crowded from 9.00 to 19.00 as usual, especially on weekends. In fact, pharmaceutical companies have a revenue of 54.1 billion euros, which is incredible. Pharmacies in France are not like pharmacies in other places of the world, you would obtain most products as other countries, at times even prices could be the same, but definitely there is a much wider range of products and brands. In fact, the coverage of diseases, symptoms and specific condition necessities is surprisingly complete in the regular system. It is difficult to think that, if there are many pharmacies and laboratories with similar goals, is it really possible to create a profitable business? It shows a strong competence in pharmaceutical industry, companies had collected a whopping 54.1 billion euros just in France. It represents a curious feature of pharmacies in that country.

It is obvious to think pharmacies or pharmaceutical industries are not fairly divided, in the end, it is a competition but in fact, there has been no company failures in recent years. In addition, more than half of the total income comes from international trade, so the industry is not limited to France. French exports represent 3.7% of international exports, so it is very possible you could get some of their products in your own country, but that is not the only attributer to companies success.

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According to French legal frame, pharmacies could be owned just by a pharmacist. That regulation avoids the possibility of creating pharmacy chains, in that way, there are many possibilities because of supply and demand, aspect which balance the marketing system, especially when considering the consumer behaviour in France.You see a lot of people shopping in pharmacies, and many advisors would promise you there are more pharmacies in France than in the United States in relation to the population.

Nowadays, you could say there is a new French habit: Beauty tours! There are many people in France, who go to a different city in order to get the best skin products, cosmetics, lotions, etc.; at the cheapest price possible. The different variety of products makes it possible to take the best option in order to supply any necessity. The sheer number of pharmacies has allowed for a competitive market which benefits and allows the shopper to get the best deal possible unless it’s a prescription on the French national health system. 

Pharmaceutical industries use the 9.8% of their income for research and development on average. That part of the budget makes possible to hire 19,101 people in Europe, Asia and North America, who are directly employed by French pharmaceutical industry. This feature allows pharmaceutical industries for developing new products from different areas. They make a difference by specializing in different fields such as organic chemistry, environmentally-friendly chemistry, or diagnostic and treatment of uncommon diseases. In addition, this allows for developing different targets where gender, age and geographical areas could be categorised. There is a numerous list of male skin care products as well as for women and babies.

To conclude, we could say that pharmacies in France bring about the possibility for deciding the most useful and suitable product based on our taste. This advantage helps French people saving money, but in addition, the system urges pharmaceutical industries for creating new products in order to propose a new offer to a specific target, as well as pharmacies do.

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