Selling Naming Rights to the Spring Game in College Football

Among the title or presenting sponsors: The Dish Network Orange and White Game at Tennessee, the Golden Flake A-Day Game at Alabama (Children’s Hospital, the U.S. Navy and Cook’s Pest Control also are sponsors), the Auburn A-Day Game Presented by the U.S. Navy, the Super Bulldog Weekend presented by Regions Bank at Mississippi State, Cal Day sponsored by Peterson Tractor and the Wisconsin Spring Game Presented by theWisconsin State Journal newspaper and Stadium Sports Bar and Eatery.

That’s from Jack Carey and Andy Gardiner in USA Today.  Link via Stacey Brook.  Stacey thinks that because so many athletic departments operate in the red, they are forced to be more creative in raising revenues.  I’m not so sure that this isn’t something we’d see even if departments were more-or-less profitable.  The spring game provides provides exposure to a program’s fans.  Why not sell access to that exposure and thereby maximize profits (or minimize losses)?

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  1. I read this, and all I can think of is SI’s “This Week’s Sign That the Apocalypse Is Upon US” feature…

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