Stadium Improvements in Women’s Athletic Programs

The AP is reporting that the University of Missouri is on its way to building a new softball stadium to house the university softball program.  While the SEC is well-known for its prowess in football, its softball prowess is nothing to sneeze at either.  Depending on what ranking you consider, 5-66 of the current top 10 programs are SEC programs.  If Missouri is to keep pace with these elite teams and remain a perennial top-10 team, it will need to make these kinds of investments.

However, the AP article reports that the current stadium is 31 years old.  That is true of the field, but the stands were installed back in 1998 when the university installed stands at its soccer facility.  The softball field and the soccer field border one another, and it made economic sense to build seating for both fields at the same time.  So while the playing grounds are three decades old, the whole feel of the ballpark is much more modern.

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