Stay Safe in Motocross with these 6 Pieces of Gear

The high adrenaline sport of motocross brings excitement to the scene with outdoor trail racing. Know what you need before you hit the trail to keep yourself safe, hydrated, and having fun. For all your motocross equipment needs, check out 24mx, which is the UK’s largest motocross store.

1. Helmet

Protect your head by investing in a good helmet. Helmet types differ for dirt trail and street riding, so make sure you read descriptions to make sure the helmet will work for you. Helmets will get sweaty and dirty, so invest in one with a removable liner that can be washed. When choosing a helmet, look for both penetration protection and shock absorption. A lightweight motocross helmet will keep your head safe without weighing you down, just be sure to choose the right fit, as they usually come in about three different sizes for each model.

2. Goggles

The last thing you want is bugs or debris going in your eye, blinding, or hurting you during a race. Goggles can also make you overheat if you are not careful, so be sure to check that your goggles have proper ventilation. If you are worried about your goggles fogging, you will want to find a pair with an inner layer to dissipate moisture. The right pair of goggles can also help increase visibility by cutting out glare with a mirrored surface.

3. Gloves

Don’t get caught bare-knuckled gripping and end up ripping your hands up. The most critical part of buying gloves is how they fit. When you slide your hand into the glove, ensure that your hand fits snugly to avoid blisters on the hands after a long day of riding. I prefer these gloves with articulated fingers, for the most mobility and comfort while riding.

4. Boots

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Keep your shins safe during turns. Taking a turn and ending up close to the ground can be brutal on your legs and feet if you are not wearing functional motocross boots. Motocross boots are durable, which makes them a bit hard to break in. If you are looking to skip the break-in process, check out boots with a pivot point on the ankle.

5. Armor

While not everyone does, I highly recommend getting a chest protector and neck brace. If you are getting both of these pieces, you will need to check that the chest protector you choose is compatible to fit with a neck brace. A neck brace will help to prevent neck injuries by displacing the load when falling to other parts of the body. The chest protector will save your body from tree branches, roots, and rocks that may hit you along your ride.

6. Hydration System

Racing on the trails with all that gear on is a good way to become dehydrated so you will want a good hydration system to keep you going. A good hydration pack will keep you going without impairing your movement. This hydration pack from 24mx is a one-size fit all affordable option for all your motocross hydration needs.

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