The Highest Paid Sports in the World

It is no secret that sportsmen and women are paid very well. The best sports stars earn millions of dollars each year for doing what comes naturally. Very nice work if you can get it. Today, professional athletes have to be able to perform ahead of their counterparts and be consistent to retain their place on the team and or ranking on the world stage. The better stars influence games and the betting experience as outlined by Match Center, but which sport is the best to be in from a financial point of view?

Let’s find out.


Basketball players get paid more on average than any other sportsman or woman in the world. The NBA is the most watched sport in America and Canada and stars such as LeBron James and Steph Curry rank as some of the highest paid athletes in the world. However, many players never get that chance and end up in a place like Switzerland or Greece. Immigrating is a tedious process so having someone by your side to lead you through the process of immigrating is important.

The sport started to pay well in the 1970s and the best players from across the globe are attracted to the lucrative pay and sponsorship deals.

Legendary player Michael Jordan made $343 million a year while playing professional basketball.


For over two thousand years people have paid handsomely to watch two fighters battle it out in the ring. Boxers are known throughout the planet and perhaps it is the personal risk they take that earns the sport kudos worldwide.

Given the way boxing is financed and the risks involved it is no surprise to find the sport is high on this list. Floyd Mayweather is the sports highest paid star and is reported to have a net worth of over a billion dollars.


American football is the U.S.A’s most popular sport and nearly every game in the 32 league NFL is well attended.

It attracts players from all over the world who dream about playing gridiron at that level. Its highest ever paid star to date, Roger Staubach, who made $253 million a year.

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Golf has been played in some form for centuries but it came to prominence in the 17th century. It is one of the best paid sports on the planet, with Tiger Woods, its highest earning athlete earning $800 million to date.

The sport is played throughout the world with pro tournaments held in America and Europe attracting lucrative TV rights and crowds.


Soccer is the biggest sport on the planet commanding attention of its four billion fans with every ball that’s kicked. It began in England in the 12th century and now it is played all over the world. Despite this players are not paid as high as the other sports on the list. That said, Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth is believed to exceed $1bn.

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Tennis has yielded some great payouts for its stars and its big tournaments are well supported by fans and it commands high payouts from a TV rights point of view.

Roger Federer is the highest earner to date and has a net worth of around $450 million.

Sport is an amazing aspect of our lives, and now you know which sport pays its stars the most.

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