The Love Boat or Playmakers? Take Your Pick

Well, um, I guess there’s nothing quite like a pleasure cruise:

A season that began with Super Bowl aspirations for the Minnesota Vikings has gone awry in just about every way imaginable. The latest black eye for the team has come with the revelation this week that Vikings players are being investigated for lewd and possibly criminal conduct during a party on a boat cruise last week that reportedly was arranged in part by former Washington Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot and one of his teammates.

From the Chicago Tribune:

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department is investigating allegations of criminal sexual conduct by Minnesota Vikings players after a boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka devolved into an out-of-control party that included lap dances and sexual acts, according to an attorney for the charter boat company.

TV imitates life, eh? If this team were a college program, this would smack of “lack of institutional control. Not only do these allegations come on top of a poor performance by the team in its first four games, a performance which put head coach Mike Tice’s job in even more jeopardy, in the long term it might even derail plans to get public funding for a new stadium. Opponents of such are having a field day.

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