The Short Porch has Gotten Shorter in the Bronx

What has caused the home run derby at the new Yankee Stadium? Is it the new ballpark? Is it changes in the weather? Is it poor pitching? The folks at have done a little analysis on the right field wall and have discovered something interesting to tell part of the story. Because of a scoreboard in the right field wall, the new Yankee Stadium’s right field wall is not as curved as the old stadium’s right field wall, resulting in a shorter short porch, even shorter than the famed right field wall in the house that Ruth built. On average, according to the good folks at Accuweather, the right field wall is between 4 and 5 feet shorter, and up to 9 feet shorter in right center. Not only that, but the wall itself is 2 feet shorter in height. Here’s the write-up at HT to JC Bradbury.

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