Making a difference

Most likely in repsonse to recent articles on the critical of the NCAA’s policies towards payment of college players, the NCAA, after great debate, has agreed to increase the allowable compensation that schools can make to student athletes.

The passage of the game-changing Proposal 2011-78 now allows student athletes unlimted access to fruit, nuts, bagels and bagel spreads including, but not limited to, butter, jelly, and cream cheese. Previously, the NCAA made no provision for access to adequate bagel condiments. While college athletes used to work for peanuts, their situation has now significantly improved – they now work for peanuts and peanut butter.  

I wonder how much cream cheese a typical starter on an FBS football team has to eat in order to reach his MRP.

1 thought on “ Making a difference”

  1. So the athletes finally got their cream cheese, and my students will laugh at me because I said that the NCAA will surely focus more on fixing compensation issues before they bother with the silly cream cheese rule…

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