What Are All the NHL Players Planning to Do?

Here is a list of recent signings by NHL players to play in other leagues.

The International Ice Hockey Federation says 370 NHLers have signed deals

in Europe since the beginning of the season, although some have come home.

…Meanwhile, Rangers goaltender Dan Blackburn has joined the ECHL’s Victoria

Salmon Kings. He could play as early as Wednesday when Victoria hosts Fresno.

In the UHL, the Motor City Mechanics officially introduced a couple of star

signings Tuesday – Detroit Red Wings defencemen Chris Chelios and Derian

Hatcher. [Thanks to BF for the pointer]

I would guess that today is do-or-die day, and if the league and players don’t show strong signs of reaching some sort of tentative agreement, it will be next to impossible to salvage even a mini-season. Let’s see how ready the players are to fight the idea of a salary cap if they face the prospect of yet another year with no salary. Let’s see how ready the teams in the lucrative markets are to face the prospect of yet another year with no revenue. And let’s see how ready financial creditors are to face the prospect of yet another year with no payments on their loans.

But regarless of whether progress is made on the labour front, as Brian Goff posted, and I indicated earlier, a salary cap isn’t going to save the NHL. The league has to do something to fix the game if they want demand for tickets and tv contracts to increase, especially in markets that are currently pretty weak.

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