What are the best Under Armour golf shoes?

When one is looking for the best golf shoes, it almost seems inevitable to stumble across a pair of Under Armour golf shoes.

Since launching itself into the golf market in 2016, Under Armour has established itself as a leading golf footwear manufacturer, helped by having former world No. 1 and three-time major champion Jordan Spieth on board.

In their quest to make the most comfortable golf shoes possible, Under Armour incorporate the HOVR cushioning system in most of their footwear range. Not only do they offer comfort, but they also offer style. So, let’s take a look at the best options.

Best Under Armour Golf Shoes: Men’s

Under Armour HOVR Tour Spikeless Golf Shoes

RRP £150

For the golfers who swear by only wearing spiked golf shoes for traction, the HOVR Tour will make you reconsider needing spikes. The high-traction spikeless sole is incredibly grippy – even in wet conditions. Making these shoes even more desirable is the HOVR foam which provides maximum comfort.

The outsole is made from a durable and lightweight TPU, which wraps around your heel to keep you stable and secure throughout your golf swing. The knitted upper may not be everyone’s favorite, but it is fully waterproof and super comfortable.

Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 Golf Shoes

RRP £140

One of the most comfortable shoes on the market, the HOVR Drive 2 is one of our favorites because it delivers comfort and support by using their HOVR technology; the shoe is incredibly lightweight and breathable, having a microfiber upper.

The HOVR Drive 2 has a 3-D printed toe guard, which gives extra durability to golfers who drag their toes along the floor during their golf swing. This golf shoe is fully waterproof, giving you peace of mind to wear them all year round.

Under Armour Charged Phantom Spikeless Golf Shoes

RRP £100

The traditionalist may be saying, ‘This isn’t a golf shoe,’ but to an extent, they’re right. The Charged Phantom incorporates the best features from Under Armour’s favorite sneakers. The Charged Cushioning midsole is responsive and durable. The excellent comfort from these shoes is largely down to the bootie design with a sock-style fit.

The Charged Phantom is breathable thanks to the lightweight mesh upper. However, the downside is this shoe is not waterproof. Under Armour’s Never-Wet treatment makes them adequate in showers but not suitable for heavy downpours.

Best Under Armour Golf Shoes: Ladies’

Under Armour Charged Breathe 2 Spiked Golf Shoes

RRP £85

Gone are the days of garish pink ladies’ golf shoes. The female-dominated design team at Under Armour produces shoes in much more versatile and inviting colors. The Charged Breathe 2 has been designed to be sleek, breathable, lightweight, and stylish. With a durable microfiber upper which is fully waterproof, you can wear these shoes year-round in all weather conditions.

Nine strategically placed RST 2.0 spikes help keep you stable during your golf swing. The shoe combines a Charged midsole and lightweight TPU outsole, which makes the Charged Breathe 2 extremely comfortable and easily one of the best women’s golf shoes available in 2023.

Under Armour Charged Breathe 2 Knit Spikeless Golf Shoes

RRP £75

The Breathe 2 Knit is very similar to the Charged Breathe 2, except for a few differences – no spikes being the main one. Also the shoe is not fully waterproof. Under Armour has built this shoe with their Never-Wet treatment, so they can withstand some water but certainly not a downpour.

The knit upper is soft, flexible, comfortable, and durable. However, if the knit is not your style, this shoe is available in a more traditional microfiber leather upper.

How to choose golf shoes

When picking your next pair of golf shoes, you will have certain criteria you want the shoes to hit; of course, everyone will have different non-negotiables, but here are some we think to be important.


Golf shoes can range vastly. Therefore, it is important to understand your budget and find the best shoes for you which fall within that budget. Depending on how much you want to spend, you should always be able to find a suitable and comfortable pair.

Spiked or spikeless

Both spiked, and spikeless golf shoes have their pros and cons. You need to think about when you play golf, where you play golf, and how often. This should help you decide if you need spiked or spikeless – or even both.


Depending on where and when you play golf, this will massively influence whether this is a factor in your decision-making. Most golf shoes are waterproof or can withstand so much water; most people, will most likely not have to reconsider not buying their dream pair of shoes for lack of protection from the elements.


Ensuring you have the right fit is so important but something many people do not appreciate. Trying on golf shoes is the only way of making sure you find a pair of shoes that fits perfectly to keep you comfortable for longer on the course.


Golf shoes are becoming increasingly varied in their styling; you can buy traditional golf shoes or ones which look like sneakers – depending on your preference. So, whatever style you like best, there will be multiple options to choose from.


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