What are the Shades of sporting success?

Colour psychology is something that has been researched for decades and theories say that colour does in fact influence perceptions and behaviourisms. It is because of this theory that so much thought must go into the colour of a kit before the sporting season begins; of course, the flexibility and breathability is majorly important but maybe the colour sets the team up for success of failure. A red kit suggests dominance and power whereas Yellow inspires high energy.

When CT Shirts – retailers of Mens Suits looked further into this is was discovered that all 5 times that Liverpool won the European Cup, they were wearing their signature red kit which supports the theory that the colour of a kit really does impact the success of a team.

The infographic below will delve deeper into this theory and provide some insight to the success of your favourite teams.Ct Shirts Sports Shirts Colour By Numbers V2

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Author: Ben Burd

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