Which NFL Team has Won Most Super Bowls in History

If you’re an NFL fan, you will wonder which team has won the most Super Bowl titles. Some teams have been more successful than their rivals in the history of the Super Bowls. It is difficult to single out the absolute winner – the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers teams took the Lombardi Trophy six times.

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It is important to remember that playoff games in football are pretty unpredictable. The classic knockout format and other factors lead to the fact that entirely different teams can reach the final. This explains the more significant number of teams that have won the Lombardi Trophy at least once.

Top NFL Teams by Number of Lombardi Trophy Cups

The first Super Bowls match took place in 1996. Since then, 20 different teams have won the final. Today we will talk about those teams that have taken the trophy the maximum number of times.

New England Patriots: 6 Super Bowl Wins

  • 2001 (XXVI), 20-17 vs. St. Louis Rams
  • 2003 (XXXVIII), 32-29 vs. Carolina Panthers
  • 2004 (XXXIX), 24-21 vs. Philadelphia Eagles
  • 2014 (XLIX), 28-24 vs. Seattle Seahawks
  • 2016 (LI), 34-28 vs. Atlanta Falcons
  • 2018 (LIII), 13-3 vs. Los Angeles Rams

The New England Patriots are among the most dominant teams at the Super Bowl but not the most beloved among American football fans. It’s hard to believe, but until 2002 the team did not have a single championship win and was always among the weakest while it was led by coaches Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.


In 2002, the first significant victory of the patriots took place. They defeated the St. Louis Rams. From that moment began the great confrontation between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots for the number of winning championships.

The New England Patriots collection has many successful championships. In 2003 and 2004, the team won consecutive cups and then had 17 straight winning seasons. The last triumph took place in 2018. Then on the field, they beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 6 Super Bowl Wins

  • 1974 (IX), 16-6 vs. Minnesota Vikings
  • 1975 (X), 21-17 vs. Dallas Cowboys
  • 1978 (XIII), 35-31 vs. Dallas Cowboys
  • 1979 (XIV), 31-19 vs. Los Angeles Rams
  • 2005 (XL), 21-10 vs. Seattle Seahawks
  • 2008 (XLIII), 27-23 vs. Arizona Cardinals

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the seventh oldest team in the NFL and one of the most successful teams, not only in football but in professional sports in general. Fans had to wait a long time until they won their first Super Bowl in 1975.

After that, the team became champions four more times throughout six championships. The team showed such results that no one has been able to repeat. Loud victories took place under the guidance of coach Chuck Nollan. And the team itself played quarterback Terry Bradshaw, defenseman Mel Blount, and linebackers Jack Ham and Jack Lambert, who are now members of the NFL Hall of Fame.

The team won the last cup in 2009 when they met on the field with the Arizona Cardinals. A successful winning pass by Ben Roethlisberger decided the fate of the match.

San Francisco 49ers: 5 Super Bowl Wins

  • 1981 (XVI), 26-21 vs. Cincinnati Bengals
  • 1984 (XIX), 38-16 vs. Miami Dolphins
  • 1988 (XXIII), 20-16 vs. Cincinnati Bengals
  • 1989 (XXIV) 55-10 vs. Denver Broncos
  • 1994 (XXIX) 49-26 vs. San Diego Chargers

Slightly behind the leaders is the San Francisco 49ers. What’s interesting is that the line-up is played by outstanding NFL players – Corner Ronnie Lott and quarterbacks Steve Young and Joe Montana. The team took the first Super Bowl in 1981, but the winning streak ended at the 1994 Super Bowl. Since then, the team has not yet managed to become a winner. This year’s championship may improve the situation.

Dallas Cowboys: 5 Super Bowl Wins

  • 1971 (VI), 24-3 vs. Miami Dolphins
  • 1977 (XII),27-10 vs. Denver Broncos
  • 1992 (XXVII), 52-17 vs. Buffalo Bills
  • 1993 (XXVIII),30-13 vs. Buffalo Bills
  • 1995 (XXX), 27-17 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The team’s first win came in 1997 when they played the Miami Dolphins and took their first Lombardi Trophy. By the way, football experts call that confrontation on the field between the two teams one of the greatest in the history of the NFL.


The last cup was won in 1996, when the team beat one of the leaders on our list, the Pittsburgh Steelers, on the field. The 90s were generally quite successful for the team. Several successful games were played.

This is a list of the teams that have won the Lombardi Trophy most time. As you can see, for many, a series of victories ended for decades in a row. One of the teams may please their fans this year.


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