Why Offshore Betting Sites are Surviving the Competition of US Domestic Sportsbook Expansion

The change in the way the betting world conducted business began in the 1990s when the internet allowed a whole new breed of gambling establishments to create a different type of betting via the internet. Many dark forces took advantage of the faceless wagers and quickly raked in hundreds of millions of dollars without paying most or any of the winners. As changes in-laws continued to expand to cover domestic betting and sports sites, legal sportsbooks quickly sprang up in the United States that have since competed with the offshore gambling sites. Through it all there have been many problems and issues on both sides of the dilemma. Here is a short explanation about why offshore betting sites are surviving the competition of US domestic sportsbook expansion.

US Sites

There are two states that now allow online sports sites to be created within their jurisdiction, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The internet sportsbooks, betting, and wagering sites must be licensed by a racetrack or casino that has a physical building, license, and operating partner. Most of the same rules and regulations that apply to the physical casino must also apply to the online sportsbook and all bets placed on the site. Credit cards, cash, and cryptocurrency are all accepted.

Offshore Sites

Since offshore sportsbooks have been around for a long time, most of their designs and logos may be familiar to many people. Panama, Antigua, and Curacao have the most offshore betting and wagering companies running out of each of the nations, and many of the betting operations only allow for the use of cryptocurrency for deposits in order to make transactions. Although there are often fewer restrictions on allowed wagers, there are also fewer regulations protecting those that place the bets.

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Over the years, the US has expanded its internet operations until, at one point, they looked to almost overtaking the offshore gambling sites. But as with all things related to money and the internet, a new generation was born that looked at easy ways to make money from the ambiguity and invisibility of online trading, betting, and marketing. Some of the groups were fly-by-night operations that would set up an address, do business for a month or two, and close down and run with all the money still pending. Where one went down, many more were created, and soon the internet was filled with offshore gambling sites and sportsbooks. Even today, with all the regulations put in place because of the pressure of foreign governments, there are still many offshore gambling sites created each year. However, the good news is there are some offshore sites that have been around for many years that are still doing business with millions of customers that swear by them. Check out offshore betting sites as an example.

Surviving Sites

Although the US has expanded its domestic sportsbook and gambling presence on the internet, the popularity of offshore sites still grows, even today. Much of that has to do with the longevity of those sites and the word of mouth of continuing customers. Another key to the popularity of offshore betting sites is the lack of regulations for those locations that fill the sites from within the United States. Also, speed is important when you are placing bets, and the offshore sites know how to keep their customers informed of what is going on in the world of gambling.

Offshore betting sites are surviving and thriving in a race with the US domestic sportsbook expansion for many reasons. The main question one has to ask is – why wouldn’t they? It is a large world out there.

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