Will Mobile Gambling Destroy The Classic Casino Market?

These days, so much of what we used to have to do in the ‘real’ world we can now do online. This includes banking, shopping, meeting people, and of course, gambling. 

As the popularity of betting online increases, you might be wondering if mobile gambling with applications like rajbet app will destroy the classic casino market? Here we look at some of the trends and driving forces behind the online gambling boom and try to come to some sort of conclusion.

Why are people gambling online?

There are a bunch of compelling reasons why players are choosing to gamble at online casinos, many of which mirror why people use the internet in general. These include:

  • Convenience – no need to leave the house, no need to get dressed up for a night at a casino, no crowds. Huge comfort factor.
  • Games – there is an enormous number of online casino games available a few clicks away.
  • Safety – regulation, licensing, and online word of mouth have helped whip online casinos to shape, meaning they are as safe to use as ever.
  • Bonuses – online casinos regularly provide ongoing bonuses to tempt new players to sign up and keep them occupied once they have. If there is one thing online casinos are not short of, it’s bonus offers.
  • Active industry – a large number of studios creating new and innovative ways to entertain gamblers. 

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How apps and the internet have changed gambling

Online gambling began in the mid to late 1990s, and back then, you really needed a desktop computer or laptop to be able to bet online. This drastically changed in the late 2000s, after Apple released the first iPhone, and apps became a game-changer.

In 1997, it is said there were over 200 online casinos, generating around a billion dollars or more in annual revenues. This has mushroomed to $50 billion in 2019 and will be an estimated $100 billion by 2026. What’s interesting is that millions of people around the world do not have mobile devices, yet despite this, 70% of betting revenue in 2020 was expected to come from mobile gambling.

Physical casinos still have their place

That’s not to say gambling at physical casinos is going to end any time soon. Just take a look at the success stories of betting hubs like Las Vegas or Macau. People still enjoy dressing up and going out to a real casino with friends or travelling to one of the aforementioned exciting destinations to try their luck. 

Casino resorts offer more than just gambling, and there is an atmosphere at a live casino that cannot quite be replicated online.

Final word

So, while mobile gambling is unlikely to destroy the classic casino market, it certainly has made huge changes to the way many people choose to bet. It appears that further growth is on the cards in the coming years, so whether physical casinos fade away or not, mobile gambling is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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