10 Best Horse Trailers for Racing Horses

When you need to transport one or more horses from one place to another efficiently, a horse trailer is likely the perfect option for you. In fact, there are many benefits of using some specific horse trailers, like gooseneck models, to take your horses from one place to another. If you wish to know more about different horse trailer models, you can check with Thomas, the leading website providing information regarding various horse trailers.

From how the horse enters the trailer, to how to tow the trailer behind the vehicle, and even design, there are numerous options to think about when searching for a good horse trailer. Another important thing you need to consider is the style and size of the horse trailer.

Horse trailers are designed to carry your precious horses from one place to another, and hence, they have different configurations, which for a few horses, is vital, as they have preferences for the way they travel. So, let us go through the ten best horse trailers that can be perfect for your racing horses.

Double D Trailers Gooseneck Horse Trailers

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While transporting more than one or two horses, making extended trips and traveling with lots of track, a gooseneck horse trailer offered by Double D Trailers can be the first and most important option. Spending several hours at a horseshow can be really exhausting. One of the most vital advantages of this kind of horse trailer is the significant space that overhangs the truck bed.

An efficient gooseneck trailer includes a main body and an overhang that slides over the towing vehicle bed where the coupler can connect to the truck. Gooseneck horse trailers are more stable than bumper-towed trailers and also easier to maneuver and safer to drive. During your camping trips, you can avoid the tent and take a power nap in the “gooseneck Space.” In the names of horse trailers, Double D Trailers is no doubt the most trusted and very popular brand.This company sells high-quality and highly customized horse trailers that can meet all your needs, and hence, you can choose them without any shadow of a doubt.

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Important features of Double D Trailers Gooseneck Horse Trailers

  • V-style Aerodynamic Gooseneck: This design offers increased gas mileage and a greater turning radius behind the tow vehicle.
  • It comes with a patented safe track design that can offer the safest way to unload and load in a slant-load horse trailer.
  • Double D Trailers ensure that you have enough clearance over the truck’s tailgate so the truck will tow low level.
  • This well-liked and highly efficient company, known as Double D trailers, offers nationwide flat-rate delivery to help its customers.
  • The double D trailers gooseneck horse trailers have several significant safety features like Rumber flooring, Z-Fame, SafeBump, SafeKick, and some others to help the clients and their horses.
  • The sleeping quarters located at the front part of your gooseneck trailer can work as a shaded retreat on hot days.
  • Along with all those features, these gooseneck horse trailers come at very reasonable price options that can satisfy you with ease.

Double D Trailers Living Quarters Horse Trailer

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Double D Trailers Living Quarters Horse Trailer is another best carrier for horses that can be one of the best options in the list. If you are thinking about buying a perfect horse trailer with a comfortable living space, then this one is a great option for you.

Though there are different types of horse trailers available in the market, the living quarter horse trailers offered by Double D Trailers can offer numerous benefits to both the customers and their horses.These horse trailers are well-built, solid, and can tow beautifully

Important features of Double D Trailers Living Quarters Horse Trailer

  • The best feature of a living quarter-horse trailer is that you and your horse can feel comfortable within this trailer, no matter what the weather is. You can even enjoy complete privacy while spending your time within this trailer.
  • Trailers offered by Double D Trailers can be customized to fit all your particular needs.
  • The 2-horse trailer with living quarters has 7’ short wall and can be available upto 9’ short wall.
  • With these trailers, you can enjoy a “no leak” roof system.

Double D Trailers Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

No doubt, Double D Trailers is one of the most reliable and popular brands that come into mind while talking about horse trailers. This popular brand has been producing and selling highly efficient and comfortable horse trailers around the world. This company has been offering vast options for horse trailers that come in different shapes, sizes, and configurations. You can get this trailer in two useful varieties, such as Bumper Pull Straight Load Horse Trailers and Bumper Pull Slant Load Horse Trailers. From Double D Trailers, you can get these trailers in attractive customized designs as per your needs.

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Important perks of choosing Double D Trailers Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

  • Available trade-in deals and flat prices with a facility of nationwide delivery.
  • SafeTrack design for effective and advanced safety.
  • Rubber flooring for longevity, along with Safe Bump and SafeKick safety features.

Featherlite 7442 Horse Trailer

One of the oldest all-aluminum horse trailer manufacturers in the world is Featherlite trailers. So, if you like to have a straight-load bumper pull trailer for your four-legged friends, then the Featherlite 7442 can be perfect for you. This company is popular for creating lightweight horse trailers.

Salient features of Featherlite 7442 Horse Trailer

  • Featherlite provides the option of a dressing room in two sizes, like 43” or 51”,with an effective walk-through door.
  • The straight-load 2-horse Featherlite trailers come with a rear ramp, double doors, and two 26” X 19” windows in the nose of the trailer.
  • These lightweight trailers even include adjustable saddle racks, a feed manager in front of your horses, rubber on the interior walls, etc.


The company Sandowner has been manufacturing horse trailers for more than 40 years. The trailers offered by this company are safe, durable, well built, and even have a great resale value. These horse trailers are made of aluminum and come in 2, 3, and even 4-horse models. Thus, it is a great option for any budget-conscious buyer.

Important features of Sundowner Sportman horse trailers

  • These trailers have a slant load with drop-down feed doors and even a drop-down window. The tracking room of this trailer has a swing-out saddle rack.
  • The Sandowner’s Sportman trailer has enough space for horses as it is 6’9” wide and 7’ tall.
  • There are floor mats in the horse area that can offer your horses extra comfort.
  • These trailers come with excellent ventilation as they have a drop-down head door and sliding window that can make your horses really happy.

Trails West Adventure MX II 2H Trailer

Trails West is the name of a very popular horse trailer manufacturing company that makes best-selling trailers. The Adventure MX trailer manufactured by this company is a trailer that is made of aluminum skinned exterior and steel frame as well as reasonably priced.

Notable features of Trails West Adventure MX II 2H horse trailer

  • The combination of an aluminum body with a robust steel chassis offers durability, strength, and safety. This trailer weighs less than 3,000 pounds, despite having a steel chassis.
  • The floors of this trailer are wooden, and the interior compartment has rubber wall mats that can provide the utmost safety for your horses.
  • Your horses can feel comfortable because wood floors are a lot cooler than metal floors.
  • This MX model offered by Trailer West is 7.0” tall and 6’9” wide; thus your horses can enjoy sufficient space with ease.

4 Star 2 Horse Runabout

4-Star Trailer is a well-known brand that has an excellent reputation for efficient and comfortable horse trailers. The Runabout model of this brand weighs just 700 pounds and hence, is preferred by many horse owners.

Salient features of 4 Star 2 Horse Runabout

  • It is a highly safe and durable model.
  • This horse trailer comes with 3500# Torsion Axles, along with Electric brakes, 40/60 Double Rear Doors w/ Windows, and 6 Ply Radial trailer tires.
  • The horse compartment of this trailer is double-walled and properly insulated.
  • Just by choosing this trailer, you can enjoy WERM Flooring, a permanent rear track wall, aGravel guard, and many other exciting features.

Logan Coach Crossfire

If you are trying to get an entry-level slant load horse trailer that has a front track room, then the Logan Coach Crossfire is an excellent option for you. These useful horse trailers are made with galvanized metal frames that are coated with Vortex rubber and hence, can protect the trailer against corrosion from animals and roads.

Notable perks of choosing Logan Coach Crossfire

  • This amazing horse trailer has slotted aluminum floor planks that can allow urine to drain.
  • The walls have solid rubber coating, and the floor is made of douglas fir.
  • Each stall of this trailer has a pop-up vent that can offer sufficient airflow.
  • This horse trailer is 6’9” wide and 7’0” tall and weighs just 2540 lbs.

Elite Bumper Pull Colt SS

The company Elite trailer was formed in 1995 and is a popular name in the list of quality trailer-making companies. This company fuses materials rather than using standard slag material to properly bond the structure. The trailers manufactured by this company are both built to last and also great-looking.

Significant features of Elite Bumper Pull Colt SS

  • The Elite trailer is durable and attractive-looking.
  • Solid core buck rivets are used to attach roof sheets and smooth side skins to the trailer.
  • The side walls of this horse trailer are lined with rubber and insulated.
  • The floor of this trailer comes with floor mats, including padded dividers.

Jamco Legend Contender

Jamco is a famous trailer making company that creates strong trailers using a certain kind of wall construction that uses outer and inner skin layers. To say simply, if you remove the exterior of a Jamco trailer completely, you would still have a trailer that is enclosed.

Notable features of Jamco Legend Contender

  • The trailers made by Jamco can eliminate rattles, absorb shock, and even allow contraction and expansion.
  • The wall of this trailer is a continuous section from front to back, and hence, can enhance the strength of the trailer to a great extent.
  • The inside of a Jamco trailer is smooth and can ensure the safety of your horses. Whereas the smooth outside of this horse trailer ensures increased fuel economy and effortless towing.


Hence, it is important to remember, no matter how much distance you need to travel, moving horses is a task that needs proper care and consideration. Thus, choosing a comfortable, durable, and highly safe horse trailer is always crucial to ensure the right health and well-being of your horses during transportation. So, you should only use the right kind of horse trailers, like trailers offered by Double D Trailers for your four-legged friends.

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