4 Best SEO Marketing Tools to Use in 2020

We may be well into 2020, but it is never too late to make a change to your current marketing plan. With the right SEO tools to monitor your websites, you can easily find ways to improve your SEO by seeing what is working and what isn’t. We got you covered with these must use 4 SEO tools.


Free Options

A free option that we highly recommend to analyze your website is Google’s Webmaster Tools. This tool helps interpret how Google views and ranks your website, giving you the resources to explain all of Google’s madness.

One of the tools featured is Fetch as Google, which allows you to see a URL the way Google sees it. This can help you with your SEO performance.

Page Speed Insights is a tool that measures the performance and speed of a desktop and mobile site. Page speed is more important than ever, especially for mobile sites to help retain your customers. The tool ranks your page based on a score between 0-100. 0 to 59 is low, 60-79 is medium and 80 and above is good!

Check My Links is another free tool that is great for link optimization. This tool looks at external and internal links on a webpage and helps check for broken links.

It can detect the number of links in seconds and also identifies the broken links. If you are wondering about the status of your links, this stool can alert you if they are no longer active, so it is perfect for users who rely on links!


Paid Options

If you are looking for other options that aren’t free, Linkody offers reasonable plans, some starting at just $15 per month. This is another great option for backlink tracking.

 Linkody can help you understand your off-page SEO performance by discovering, tracking, and analyzing backlinks. This tool also alerts you of any changes such as lost or broken links.

Another benefit of this tool is the ability to spy on your competition and their backlinks. All you have to do is enter your competition’s URL and it will track links and metrics to help you find high-quality opportunities for your brand. 

Ahrefs is a little more of a pricey option, with the basic plan starting at $99 per month. But the keyword research tool and ability to audit your website are well worth it.

To analyze advanced SEO performance, Ahrefs will examine all the properties on your website such as links, keywords, and rankings.

The main tools include site explorer, which will explore the performance of each page on your site. Content Explorer, which will search for high-performance webpages and look for specific keywords and topics to help you create the content of your own. Site audit, which crawls your domain to reveal any technical issues. And keyword explorer, searches, and reports monthly search volume and click-through rates for target keywords.


Free or not, there are a number of tools out there that offer valuable insights to help you optimize your SEO and web page. When working with a marketing agency in Phoenix to handle all of this for you, don’t be afraid to ask what tools they use to track your progress. 


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