Arena Football League to Go On in 2009 – For Now

The Arena Football League has decided not to suspend the upcoming season.

The Arena Football League’s 2009 season is on — for now.

The AFL’s board of directors met via conference call Wednesday night but “despite rumors and reports to the contrary” did not suspend the upcoming season.

“The Board will continue to meet regularly to examine any and all long-term structural improvement options for the AFL,” the league said in a statement.

But there’s still a chance that the show won’t go on.

Philadelphia Soul wide receiver Chris Jackson told the AP that the league’s players had agreed to take pay cuts and had been told Tuesday that the season likely would be canceled.

Jackson said he still isn’t convinced the AFL will play in ’09.

“I’m still reluctant to get too happy,” he said. “There’s still a lot to plan out. We need to figure out how many teams are going to be in it, the finances of it all, and a working financial model for the future. There’s still a lot to be done.”

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